Using Your HP12C Financial Calculator
Offering Start Date: 
15 February 2016 Larrabee, Matthew
1 March 2016 Larrabee, Matthew
15 March 2016 Larrabee, Matthew
1 April 2016 Larrabee, Matthew
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Seminar Cost:  $114 for Members, $137 for Non-members
Category: General
Length:  7 hours
The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the use of modern financial calculators that are commonly used by commercial real estate professionals.

The basic features of the calculator will be introduced through demonstration using a number of examples and problems that are real estate specific. While the central theme of the seminar is the HP12C calculator, several alternative machines, including the HP10, HP17B2, and HP19B2 will also be mentioned.

The objective of the seminar is to expose the student to many of the basic features of the machines, so that the student may determine which features are important to his or her professional tasks. A second objective is to give the student sufficient basic skills to attend the Appraisal Institute’s income property courses.

This seminar is developed for commercial real estate professionals. There will be extensive discussion of the basic functions of the calculator along with a thorough treatment of the financial functions, but there will be no treatment of the statistical, depreciation, bond, or programming abilities variously available with these machines. In addition, students must be familiar with the concepts of compounding and discounting prior to the class.

I. Introduction (15 minutes)

II. Module 1 - Getting Started (1.5 hours)
Power On/Off (5 minutes)
The Keyboard (15 minutes)
Digit Separators (5 minutes)
Number Display (5 minutes)
Changing the Sign (5 minutes)
Simple Arithmetic Calculations (10 minutes)
Storage Registers (15 minutes)
Stack Registers (10 minutes)
Data Storage Registers (5 minutes)
Financial Registers (5 minutes)
Clearing (5 minutes)
Conclusion (5 minutes)

III. Module 2 – Non Financial Functions and Keys (1 hour 15 minutes)
Percentage Calculations (10 minutes)
Percentages (5 minutes)
Net Amount (10 minutes)
Percent Difference (10 minutes)
Percent of Total (10 minutes)
Calendar Functions (10 minutes)
The Power Function (10 minutes)
Reciprocal (5 minutes)
Conclusion (5 minutes)

IV. Module 3 - Basics of Financial Functions (1 hour)
Compounding And Discounting (15 minutes)
The Time Line (15 minutes)
Financial Key Summary (5 minutes)
Simple Time-Value-of-Money Calculations (25 minutes)

V. Module 4 - Amortization and Irregular Cash Flows (1.5 hours)
Amortization (15 minutes)
Amortization Schedule (15 minutes)
Irregular Cash Flows (20 minutes)
Input Irregular Cash Flows (20 minutes)
Solve for Net Present Value and IRR (20 minutes)

VI. Module 5 - Real Estate Problem Solving (1.5 hours)
Yield of a Mortgage Traded at a Discount (45 minutes)
Build Additional Space Decision (45 minutes)
Learning Objectives: 
  • Be comfortable with the basic style of data entry and be able to do simple arithmetic calculations.
  • Be able to use several of the specialized non-financial keys offered on the HP12C.
  • Understand the concepts of amortization and irregular cash flows and be able to input information into the calculator and solve for these types of problems.
  • Solve complex problems encountered in the commercial real estate brokerage or appraisal businesses.

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